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Parish Pastor of the Year Award

Each year at its Annual Conference, the Academy of Parish Clergy recognizes a pastor for demonstrating excellence in parish ministry, by awarding her or him the Parish Pastor of the Year Award.

The nominee chosen for this award is invited to attend the Annual Conference, where presentation of the award is made. Registration fees, lodging, meals, and a transportation stipend are provided. The honoree receives an attractive plaque announcing his or her receipt of the award, and a one-year membership in the Academy of Parish Clergy.

The selection criteria for the Parish Pastor of the Year involves four areas:



personal qualities, and

ministry of the pastor’s congregation.

Congregation size, location, and denominational affiliation are not factors in the selection. Nominations and references for Parish Pastor of the Year candidates are submitted by congregants, staff, and judicatory leadership.

Nominations for Parish Pastor of the Year

To nominate a pastor for the Parish Pastor of the Year Award, please provide the information described below.

Provide the name, address, phone number, and email address of the following:

Pastor being nominated for this award
Congregation(s) currently being served by the nominee
Nominee’s immediate judicatory or ecclesiastical leadership
Person writing this recommendation

At least one recommendation prepared by a lay person is required. Recommendations from staff and judicatory leadership are welcomed.

Please provide a recommendation describing how the nominated pastor exhibits these pastoral characteristics:

Faithfulness: Describe how the person helps people to mature in their faith and to encourage them on their faith journey.

Personal Characteristics: Includes self-care and the support of their spouse/partner, family environment. Is the person internally driven and called to do the work of the ministry?

Leadership: Does the person lead the congregation to discern their spiritual future? Does the person help others to discover their gifts for serving others?

Ministry: How does the congregation show intentionality in reaching new people and increasing vitality in worship ? How has the congregation become more faithful and relevant to the larger community?

Thank you for making a nomination! Please send your nomination by March 1, 2018 to: Nominations@APClergy.org

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