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An introduction from the Editor

Within the pages of Sharing the Practice you will meet pastors around the world who generously share their practice of ministry… in articles, columns, and reviews of new resources. The journal of the Academy of Parish Clergy is perhaps unlike any other clergy journal because it is written by and for parish pastors.   The journal is based upon the proposition that the real experts in parish ministry are working pastors.  The articles are written by people like you and me, who know what it’s like “in the trenches.”

Sharing the Practice is good news for pastors. You don’t have to go it alone. Since 1971 the journal has been your ministry partner: bringing ideas, insights, and inspiration to you from pastors everywhere. What you see in the journal is what is practiced in the Academy of Parish Clergy… collegiality, professionalism, fellowship, and a safe place for clergy to meet on a level field.

The journal comes to your study or residence four times a year.  Within Sharing the Practice are forty pages of articles, columns, and reviews of new resources… all written by parish pastors, for parish pastors.

The journal comes with your membership in the Academy of Parish Clergy, or you may subscribe to the journal alone.  I would be happy to send you a sample copy of Sharing the Practice, compliments of the Academy of Parish Clergy.  Just send me your name, the house of worship you serve, and complete mailing address with zip code.  I will race to the Post Office … well, let’s just say you will get it soon! In addition, publishing houses and libraries are welcome to subscribe to the journal, especially those at seminaries.

Rev. Dr. Robert Cornwall, Editor
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Embracing the Other (Grace Ji-Sun Kim) Review

EMBRACING THE OTHER: The Transformative Spirit of Love (Prophetic Christianity). By Grace Ji-Sun Kim. Grand Rapids: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 2015. X + 182 pages. As a white male Christian theologian/pastor, I continue to be sensitized to the fact […]

Preaching an Unpreachable Passage

By Henry Neufeld There are passages in scripture that few of us would want to find as a reading for the day. The lectionary gives many of these a pass, often even cutting off a few verses that would be […]

Seeking Common Ground: Reexamining Roman Catholic Protestant Relationships

By Robert R. LaRochelle, APC Roman Catholics and Protestants constitute the two largest groupings of those who call themselves Christians. They also share a longstanding history of misunderstanding, distrust and suspicion. Though much is different these days in the relationships […]

Book review: Faith in the Public Square

FAITH IN THE PUBLIC SQUARE: Living Faithfully in the 21st Century By Robert D. Cornwall, Gonzalez, FL: Energion Publications, 2012. Xv + 164 pages. The Rev. Dr. Robert Cornwall (APC) serves as the Editor of Sharing the Practice, and heads […]

First Call Essay:The Medium is the Message: Christian Lessons of Embodiment For a Digitizing World

Over the last several years, clergy serving in their “first calls” of ministry are doing so as part of the Social Media Age. My first call in parish ministry has coincided with this shared “first” for all pastors. Social media […]

Book Review: The Preaching of Jesus

THE PREACHING OF JESUS: Gospel Proclamation Then and Now. By William Brosend. Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 2010. 176 pages The author, William Brosend, of The Preaching of Jesus is Professor of Homiletics at the School of Theology, Sewanee: the […]

First Call:Dream or Nightmare: Mid-wife to an Ancient/Future Church”

Scriptural stories of resurrection appear to be more painful than the birth narratives. Of course, before resurrection, death must be experienced, probably explaining the pain. St. Augustine’s Episcopal Parish in Tempe, Arizona has been resurrected through the painful work of […]