169_Wind_and_WhirlwindWind and Whirlwind

Being a Pastor in an Storm of Change

For clergy who have time to read only one book on congregational conflict, it should be Wind and Whirlwind. After providing a concise, but thorough, summary of cultural changes and their impact on congregational life, Moffett-Moore offers wise counsel on practices congregations and their leaders can adopt to manage any conflict that may emerge, from its inception. Couched within a description of Moffett-Moore’s own personal experience of finding himself at the center of congregational conflict as a pastor, and peppered with the illustrations one would expect of a good preacher, Wind and Whirlwind is thoroughly engaging and readable. An excellent resource both for clergy and for use with congregational leaders.

In a series of 16 short lessons, Moffett-Moore helps the reader identify the sources of stress and discover ways to manage stress
spiritually and emotionally, including spiritual disciplines and practices. Titles of these 16 lessons include:

169_David_Moffett-Moore• Unique, Like Everyone Else
• Improving our Immunities
• Running Hard Just to Keep Up
• Faith out of Focus
• When to say When
• Spiritual Calisthenics
• Finding Faith when Everything’s Lost

At the end of each chapter, Moffett-Moore includes questions for reflection and conversation. Wind and Whirlwind is beneficial for clergy and lay leaders, studied together or individually.

Wind and Whirlwind can be purchased directly from Energion Publications or Amazon