Microsoft Word - Clergy Table Talk cover.docxClergy Table Talk

Eavesdropping on Ministry Issues in the 21st Century

‘The barrier that gets in the way of ministering is ministry,’ a seasoned pastor told a retreat group I was leading. From serving as a parish pastor for two decades, and longer still as a retreat leader, seminary professor, and spiritual guide for ministers and other servants, I’ve heard clergy talk about myriad issues that initially seem like distractions: congregational conflict, administration overload, denominational politics, pressure to say what folks want to hear-physical, spiritual, and emotional burnout. Would it seem like a miracle if such barriers could become bridges to deepening spiritual life and vocation? I invite you to ponder: When in your life has a ministry emergency morphed into an occasion for spiritual emergence?”

With this observation, author Kent Ira Groff introduces the subject matter for Clergy Table Talk: Eavesdropping on Ministry Issues in the 21st Century: transforming the busyness of life in ministry today into opportunities to deepen spirituality.

Microsoft Word - Document18Groff confronts issues that are relevant and difficult with depth, as evidenced by the following chapter titles:

• Busy vs. Active: Stillness While in Motion
• Praying on the Go: Practicing Lectio in All
of Life
• The Digital Divide: When the Younger
Becomes the Elder
• Issues Clergy Don’t Talk About: Internet,
Addictions, and Integrity
• The Only Way vs. Many Rooms: Mission
in a Pluralistic World

At the end of each chapter, Groff includes questions and a spiritual practice inviting the reader to integrate the chapter’s theme into contemplative and active life. The book can be used for either individual or group spiritual formation.

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