APC Book Series

The Academy of Parish Clergy launched the Conversations in Ministry book series to deal with issues that confront clergy in ministry today. It is written by practicing clergy for practicing clergy. Each book, published in partnership with Energion Publications, is brief and focused (under 100 pages), and is designed to encourage reflection and conversation among clergy.

Guides to Practical Ministry features longer books, written by clergy for clergy. They can be used by groups, but because they are lengthier in scope, they dive into greater depth. Books in this series cover issues like writing sermons, interim ministry, activism, self-care, clergy ethics, administrative tasks, the use of social media, and worship leadership.


Conversions in Ministry

Guides to Practical Ministry

Microsoft Word - Clergy Table Talk cover.docxClergy table Talk by Kent Ira Groff

In each chapter of this book, Dr. Groff offers a spiritual spin on an issue in ministry normally viewed as a distraction. He shows real life ways that a barrier can become a bridge to deepening spiritual life and vocation.

In Changing Times by Ronald Higdon

Being in ministry means dealing with change. In fact, living itself means dealing with change. Church leadership, however organized, will have to deal with change. Ronald Higdon’s book looks at the types of change that might occur in ministry and the difficulties involved and presents practical approaches to dealing with conflict and change in a positive, affirming, edifying way.

169_Wind_and_WhirlwindWind and Whirlwind by David Moffett-Moore

In a series of 16 short lessons, Dr. Moffett-Moore will help you identify the sources of stress, discover ways to manage it spiritually and emotionally, and point you to spiritual disciplines and practices that will help make you a better person and bring success to your ministry.

Overcoming Sermon Block by William Powell

Dr. Tuck brings his many years of experience as professor and pastor and freely gives some “nuts and bolts” of sermon preparation and “pots and pans” essential for effective preaching.

Out of the Office: A Theology of Ministry by Bob Cornwall

Theology is often seen as a discussion of dry doctrines, suitable mostly for academic institutions, but separated from the practice of faith. In this third volume of the Academy of Parish Clergy’s Conversations in Ministry series Dr. Bob Cornwall, church historian, theologian, and pastor, shows the ways in which one’s theology shapes one’s ministry in the church and in the world.

Thrive: Spiritual Habits of Transforming Congregations by Ruth A. Fletcher

Dr. Fletcher shares her her pastoral experience, judicatory work,consulting ministry, and personal research in which she has discerned some spiritual practices that characterize congregations that are thriving. An excellent read whether you are a pastor, church leader or concerned member of a fellowship groaning in the labor of reaching out to the “disenfranchised others.”.

 Other Books by APC Members

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